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Recommended Reading List

A list of the favorite classics of all time.

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Title of Novel* Grade and Text Details Author
Pride and Prejudice 7 – 9 > See all Jane Austen
Bleak House 7 -8 > see all Charles Dickens
Anna Karenina 11 – 12 > see all Leo Tolstoy
Sons and Lovers 12 + > see all D.H. Lawrence
The Odyssey Homer
Heart of the Darkness 11 – 12 > see all Joseph Conrad
Moby Dick 9 – 10 > see all Herman Melville
Ulysses [see all] James Joyce
The Great Gatsby 11 – 12 [see all] F. Scott Fitzgerald
A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man 11 – 12 [see all] James Joyce
Brave New World [see all] Aldous Huxley
The Sound and the Fury [see all] William Faulkner
Sons and Lovers 12+ [see all] D.H. Lawrence
The Education of Henry Adams [see all] Henry Adams
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